Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of dry hands with tissue?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Generally speaking, the common ways to dry your hands are paper towel and hand dryer, When we wash our hands, we can wipe them dry with a piece of paper. But are you sure it will be clean after using? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of dry hands with tissue?

From a very long time ago, we have been used to using paper to wipe our hands, not only because it is convenient and easy to carry, it is very convenient, until now, no matter where we go, we always pack a bag of toilet paper in our bags, so that we can use it at any time.

Now, countries are advocating environmental protection. Do you think tissue is a very environmentally friendly way to dry your hands? It’s not.

Modern people pursue a healthy, environmentally friendly way of life, paper towel more and more do not meet the needs of life, the problem of increasingly prominent. It takes a lot of wood to make paper towels, and at the same time it can’t be recycled, which is not very environmentally friendly. Normal people can use 7 rolls of toilet paper in a month, each roll costs 4.5 yuan, which costs 378 yuan a year. Public places even need manual timely supplement. Long-term use, the cost is too high and not economic. When we use paper towels, it is easy to cause garbage cans to pile up, or even fall to the ground, resulting in dirty environment. Finally, paper tissues can’t be cleaned thoroughly and are more susceptible to bacterial infections in the air.