Do you know how to use the sensor soap dispenser correctly?

- Sep 29, 2018-

With the continuous advancement of society, more and more people pay attention to washing hands and paying attention to health. Automatic sensor soap dispensers have also been widely used, but there are always various problems in the process of use, companies must also solve the after-sales problem, in order to reduce after-sales problems and improve brand image, we have the responsibility to tell users how to correctly use the sensor soap dispenser and the precautions, in order to make the product last longer and give the user a better experience.

automatic soap dispenser.jpg

How to use the AOLQ automatic soap dispenser:
1. Place your hand near the mouth of the soap dispenser (typically 5-15 cm).
2. When the sensor head senses the user's hand, the sensor soap dispenser will automatically eject liquid.
3. When the hand leaves the sensing range, the spray will automatically end.
4. Please do not touch the mouth of the sensor soap dispenser, otherwise the liquid may splash to other places.
5. When the sensor head is dirty, wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth.

In order to make the soap dispenser last longer, you should pay more attention to Precautions for use:
1. Wipe dry with a soft cloth dampened with warm water or diluted kitchen detergent, then wipe with a soft dry cloth. In particular, make sure the sensor head is clean.
2. When cleaning the sensing area, be careful not to scratch the surface of the sensor head. Do not use various chemical thinners, etc., which may cause discoloration of the fuselage.
3. When the soap liquid condensation phenomenon occur, and use the warm water to stirred and washed, and then the soap liquid is re-added.
4. When the nozzle of the sensor soap dispenser is blocked, first unplug the power supply and twist soap dispenser mouth, remove it, rinse the soap dispenser with water, and then dry the water with a soft dry cloth. Finally, install the parts and fasten them with a wrench.
5. Check after reinstalling to ensure that the soap dispenser does not leak. If it leaks, tighten the interface.