Do you dare to use public toilet?

- Jan 01, 2019-

Nowadays, toilets can be seen everywhere. More and more high-end hotels, airports, shopping malls and other high-end places have begun to use toilet. However, it seems that advanced toilet are widely rejected, especially female friends, and they are reluctant to use them. More is to change to squat toilet. Why is this?

The reason most women do not like it is that health and safety are not guaranteed, so many people are reluctant to use the toilet, but that’s not to say that women have unreasonable, they don’t really get security guarantees.

Maybe we can’t replace it all in a short time, or for various reasons, such as funds. If we install a toilet seat cover paper holder for each public toilet, and let each user use it, put the toilet paper on the toilet mat, which is effective for isolation and convenient use, and saves money. Protect the health of every female friend, so that they do not refuse to use the public toilet, open a new healthy public life.