Choose a pair of hand dryers to give the hotel residents a feeling of home

- Jun 15, 2018-

The warm and homely feeling needs a lot of cooperation. Hardware and software services are all essential. A suitable hand dryer can significantly improve the hotel's grade, and provide more convenience and comfort of the residents. Home feels well-being. So why should you choose a suitable hand dryer?


Appearance in addition to the appearance of the size, but also need to pay attention to whether the surface of the hand dryer scratches, whether the interface has a thorn. The first-class hand dryer not only brings users a pleasant feeling of use, but also fits into the size of the bathroom and the overall sense.

Technical Parameters

Hand dryer as an electrical product, there are many technical parameters, such as current, voltage, power, wind temperature, etc., generally the hotel will select the power in the upper, dry hand faster, so that at the same time, can reduce energy consumption Household waiting time.