Bathroom circuit Installation Considerations

- Jun 15, 2018-

The bathroom is the most private space. In a limited area so that the bathroom fully meets the needs of daily life, you need to spend a little more in the decoration.

Waterproofing is the basic item in bathroom renovation. When the old house is reconstructed or new houses are demolished, the old walls and floor tiles must be replaced with fresh ones. Many people save water on the area that is not desirable, especially where there is a shower, the waterproof layer should reach a height of 1.8 meters above the wall, otherwise the shower will infiltrate the wall or soak the wall, and the waterproof of the floor will also be lost. The role. Before laying the floor tiles, be sure to do waterproofing; after laying the tiles, make sure that the brick surface has a drainage slope (usually about 1% is appropriate), the slope is facing the floor drain; the ground must be closed after laying the tiles, The time must be at least 24 hours. When paving the floor tiles, attention should be paid to the seams and alignment of the tiles to ensure the inclusive sense of the entire bathroom so as not to create a cluttered visual impression.

Joints of the bathroom wires must be fitted with tin, and waterproof tape and insulating tape should be wrapped to prevent the circuit from leaking; the wires must also be covered with flame-retardant tubes. Electric water heaters, exhaust fans, hair dryers, and hand dryers are commonly used appliances in the bathroom. It is necessary to assume that the bathroom is a place that is humid or even full of water vapor. The power supply and the switch face should be made of water-resistant brand products. In the choice of location, we must guarantee that it will not be directly showered with water.