Automatic soap dispenser for lazy people.

- Dec 24, 2018-

Everyone has a lazy side. Some people say that lazy people have created the world, lazy people have promoted the progress of science and technology. If you don’t believe, you see:

Some were lazy to climb the stairs, so they invented the elevator; some were lazy to walk, so they made cars, trains, and airplanes; some were lazy to calculate, so they invented mathematical formulas; some were lazy Listening to the concert, they invented the records, tapes and CDs; some were lazy to wash their hands, so they invented automatic sensor soap dispensers, and there are too many examples.

People are like this, so are animals. Like a tortoise, they have hardly moved in their lives, they are stay there, they are lazy. And pandas chew bamboo every day, also very lazy.

If there are no such lazy people, what will our life be like now? Perhaps, It is the duty of a designer to spoil lazy people, if do not believe, you see, this soap dispenser, which does not require manual pressure, is definitely for lazy people. Appearance is simple, just put your hand in the induction area, through the induction, there will be soap liquid outflow.