Automatic soap dispenser display features and installation methods

- Jun 14, 2018-

1.Automatic Soap Dispenser adopts advanced and mature integrated circuit to save energy at high power, and only consume 2 to 3 degrees of power.

2, automatic soap dispenser using the principle of human body infrared sensor, no sound and switch control, white light is not lit, bright at night (because white light is strong, the sensor automatically blocked), thus effectively ensuring the quiet of the living space in the building.

3, sophisticated electronic components multiple combinations, to avoid the lamp in the trigger of the moment of the strong current (acoustic light control lamp will trigger a strong current in the moment), which greatly extends the life of ordinary light bulbs (5 times more), goods The life expectancy can reach more than 8 years, avoiding the trouble of temporarily changing the bulb, and also accomplish the purpose of energy saving.

Installation method

ceiling infrared intelligent sensor lights with its high sensitivity, wide angle and other characteristics, is widely used in corridors, corridors, bathrooms, balconies, etc., can be used with a variety of luxury lighting, both the disposal of voice-activated lights and manual Switching light noise effects and convenience.


The advantage of a pyroelectric infrared probe is the fact that it does not emit any type of radiation itself, and the power consumption of the device is very small. Expensive. The defects are:

1, easy to be affected by various heat sources, light sources

2, automatic infrared penetrating power is difficult to be accepted by the probe.

3, susceptible to radio frequency radiation annoyance.

4.When the ambient temperature is on the brink of the human body temperature, the detection and sensitivity decrease clearly and sometimes constitute a short-term failure.

Installation requirements

The automatic soap dispenser infrared pyroelectric human sensor can only be installed indoors, and its false alarm rate has a significant relationship with the installation location and method. The correct installation should meet the following conditions:

1, infrared pyroelectric sensor should be 2 to 2.2 meters from the air.

2.The infrared pyroelectric sensor is far away from the air conditioner.

3, infrared pyroelectric sensor and the human body being detected shall be inextricably linked to furniture, large bonsai, glass, curtains and other objects.

4, infrared pyroelectric sensor can't be straight to the window, the best condition to pull the curtains.