AOLQ' s new method of hand dryer

- Oct 23, 2018-

In the 21st century, live and work is known for faster and better. Business life cannot leave the hand dryer, compared with the traditional toilet paper to wipe the hand, not only solved the some problems, such as paper is not convenient, not health but also to reduce the spread of germs and disease. Automatic energy-saving hand dryer not only broke the traditional way of dry hands, but also can ensure clean hands no dead Angle of 360 degrees.
There are two fully automatic hand drying modes, which are generally dominated by high-speed hand dryer and low-speed hand dryer. The biggest difference between these two types of hand dryer is the drying time. AOLQ energy-saving and high-speed master, 7 to 10 seconds fast dry hand, saving time and power. The low-speed dry hand adopts imported heating components, which is durable and stable. The life of the motor is more than 5 years. Choose AOLQ and choose a different way of life.