AOLQ high speed hand dryer have three core features

- Oct 25, 2018-

Efficient and healthy way of life cannot be separated from the help of hand dryer. The use of hand dryer not only shortens the time of hand dryer, but also guarantees thorough cleaning and drying.
AOLQ high-speed air dryer has three core features. Firstly, the wind speed is high, which can reach 160m/s. Users only need to put their hands in the designated induction position, and they can dry their hands in 7 to 10 seconds. Features two, has a concise appearance, equipped with dc brush motor and brushless motor, to meet different market positioning. Three characteristics: high speed operation, energy saving and environmental protection, time saving and power saving, high sensitivity. AOLQ high-speed hand dryer has three core features, giving you a more efficient way to dry your hands, a healthier and more intelligent way of life.

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