Toilet Spray Perfume Dispenser

Different injection interval Settings for Toilet spray perfume dispenser every 5 minutes /10 minutes /15 minutes /30 minutes, brief introduction of attractive appearance design, right side safety button design, simple operation, easy to open, suitable for different places.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The toilet sprayer every 5 minutes /10 minutes /15 minutes /30 minutes different injection interval setting, appearance design beautiful, right safety button design, simple operation, easy to open, suitable for different occasions, deodorization, lasting fresh, refreshing, various benefits.

2. Specification:

Product name
Toilet spray perfume dispenser
ABS and PP
Product size
300ml or 320ml
Wall mounted installation
By two AA batteries

3. Features:

A. Automatically spray fragrance into room to purify air and remove smelly odor.
B. The interval time can be set as 5 / 10 / 15 / 30 minutes as your need.
C. With a light sensor, the machine can identify daytime and night, 24 hours working / day / night modes adjustable.
D. Wall mounted style, suitable for home bathroom, public restroom, hotel, restaurant and more.
E. Easy to install, convenient to use,no more manually spray needed.

4. About us:

We believe that product quality is the foundation of all cooperation, and the inevitable requirement of long-term cooperation and consideration. As a supplier specially serving international companies, we will accept factory inspection every year to guarantee the safety and product quality of users.

5. Certificate:

our certificate

6. Delivery:

* Wrapped in yellow-brown carton or custom packaged.
* Delivery Time: 1-3 days (Sample) 15-20 days (Bulk Order).
* Delvery: Sea Freight, Air Freight,

7. FAQ:

Q: How long can it last?
A: A bottle can be used about 3,000 times.
Q: How to install it?
A: Two installation methods, wall mounting screw installation or tape installation can be used.
Q: Do you have any other colors?
A: We can customize the color according to your requirement.