Pure Air Freshener Dispenser

Pure Air Freshener Dispenser

Washroom Automatic Aerosol Dispenser, Automatic aerosol dispenser is manufactured from high quality resistant ABS plastic casing and comes in a clean white finish which should fit nicely into any environment washroom or office area.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The first impression is always important, and the AOLQ pure air freshener dispenser effectively covers the workplace. The white sleek design, our sprayer blends in with the decorations or bathrooms on the walls. There are three different working modes, day, night and 24 hours, so that our customers and employees can enjoy the clean and pure smell at any time to achieve the best results.

2. Specification:

Model number
Product name
Pure air freshener dispenser
Air freshener

3. Details:

A. More color available: blue / yellow…
B. Suitable for daily use to add flavor of fresh air.
C. Compact high-performance aerosol system.
D. Unique design, beautiful appearance.
E. Dispenses a variety of air freshener automatically on a schedule you set for lower or higher traffic areas
F. Button lock mechanism on the side of dispenser.
G. It can be wall mounted, easily blends in with any décor with its sleek design.

4. Functions
1. It can adjust interval spray time.
2. Set spray interval. Generally, a freshener can spray 3000 times.
3. Set working mode. It can adjust working time 24h, night or day

5. About us:

Our environmental aerosol dispenser series products with a wide range of cleansing odours, we offer our customers fresh and pure freshener while minimizing any irritating, chemical odours. Use them wherever you want to smell detergents to keep your space fresh and clean.
Our sprays are suitable for a wide range of applications, no matter where you go, you can get a fresh fragrance and keep the area clean and odor free every day.

our team

6. Exhibition show:

Dallas Show

7. FAQ:

Q: Can you provide us with installation technical support?
A: Yes, we will provide you with guidance.

Q: How long can it use?
A: A bottle can be used for about 3,000 time.

Q: Is the jetting effect good?
A: You can rest assured that our products are certified.