House Air Diffuser Dispenser

Good diffuser dispenser, with a 100% pure essential oil, gives you a better quality of life.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

It consists of a movement, an atomizer and a working program. After starting, the vacuum pump generates air pressure, and then the air is sent to the atomizer to form a strong pressure, so that the essential oil in the essential oil storage tank collides into small atomized particles. The particles diffuse out to form the smell of aromatic oil in the air. The flow of air spreads the fragrance to various areas. Keep your room fresh and natural at all times, and keep you in a good mood when you go home.

2. Specification:

Product name
House air diffuser dispenser
Brand name
Product size

3. Details:

A. Long life compressed air pump can work more than 8000 hours.
B. Equipped with a powerful silent fan to ensure that the fragrance spreads quickly and evenly, while reducing the decibel, creating a comfortable and quiet environment for the user.
C. High-performance atomizer, easy to replace, easy to maintain.
D. Equipped with 500ml large capacity scented oil bottle.

4. About us:

AOLQ is an expert in providing intelligent public health system solutions to users. Whether have unpleasant odor at home or not, we can resolve it for you. We specialize in the production of bathroom products such as tissue paper holder, aerosol dispensers, trash cans and more. We understand that a good quality of life depends on the bathroom. In order to continuously improve the quality of life of our users and let more people enjoy a happy and healthy life and reduce diseases, we have been working hard and not forgetting our hearts.

5. Exhibition show:

In the beginning of November and mid-December of this year, we participated in domestic and foreign exhibitions to let more users know about our new products. We have been insisting on research and development of better sanitary products.


6. Delivery:

1. These items are usually shipped within 10-25 days of deposit.
2. It will be transported by air, sea, express, please contact us and we will provide you with the best transportation method for you.


7. FAQ:

Q: Is it working automatically?
A: After you adjust the time, it will work automatically.

Q: Is the power supply mode a battery or an adapter?
A: Power through adapters.

Q: How many modes can I set?
A: A total of nine, such as Monday to Sunday, Monday to Sunday, etc.