Auto Spray Perfume Dispenser

Quick and easy to add, very easy to maintain and clean. Keep it for 30 days and keep it fresh. The low battery indicator will prompt user.

Product Details

1. Description:

Adding is quick and easy, easy to maintain and clean. Keep it fresh for 30 days. The low battery indicator will prompt you, it fits into most restroom environments

2. Specification:

Product name
Auto spray perfume dispenser
ABS and PP

White, all colors available


3. Details:

A. Auto perfume dispenser using advanced electronic components, environmental protection and energy saving.
B. 300ml and 320ml perfume cans can be used.
C. Auto spray perfume dispenser use the most environmentally friendly ABS plastic.
D. CPU control, beautiful appearance.

4. How to use:

Time settings of spray start and stop, press “MODE”,when LCD reveals “START”then press HOUR and MIN to set start time; press MODE again,when LCD reveals STOP then press HOUR and MIN to set the stop time.
2. Renew the spray time, press MODE,when LCD displays SPRAY,it means all the spray times; A full air freshener can usually spray for 3000 times.Continuously pressing ON/OFF twice,it can delete the spray records.
3. Settings of spray intervals, press Mode,when reveals INTERVAL,then press MIN to set the interval time as your requirements(1-60 minutes)
4. Settings of weekly work mode, press MODE,when LCD displays WEEK,then press WEEK to set weekly work mode. There are 3 modes to choose: From Monday to Friday, From Monday to Saturday, From Monday to Sunday.
When push the button, LCD reveals ON, LED firstly flash green light and then turns red, then spray once and go into work situation; Press the button again, LCD displays OFF and the POWER LED extinguishes while the LCD displays the normal time.

5. Service:

Before-sale Services:
*24 hours online service.
*OEM and ODM are welcome.
*Every product will be carefully test to check whether the function is ok before delivery.
After-sale Services:
*Terrific after-sale service: 24 hours around the clock and 12 months warranty.
*Products shifting a year repair.
*We will provide technical support at once if you find any quality problems untill you satiafied.

6. Exhibition show:

exhibition show

7. FAQ:

Q: What have your certifications?
A: Our certifications are ROHS, CE.

Q: Can I visit factory?
A: We welcome you very much.

Q: How many flavors do you have?
A: About 20 kinds.