Air Freshener Spray Dispenser

Air Freshener Spray Dispenser

There are peculiar smell public toilet will inevitably affect the user's feeling of use, as well as the impression, the toilet odor is always lingering, how to solve it? If so, maybe you need this automatic aerosol dispenser to effectively remove odors and improve the air environment, let your users can enjoy the present environment.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

When you are in an unpleasant smell, it will not only make you feel annoyed, anxious, but also want to leave this place. Wall mounted air freshener dispenser, sensor spray, remove odor. Give you have a clean and worry-free environment, also Can make your users feel good.

2. Specification:

It No.
Main material
Working mode
 Battery operate
Wall mounted

3. Details:

A. Aerosol spray, automatically brings aromatic air through the timer.
B. Mode settings, spray time and work mode can be set to what you want.
C. Battery operation, bring continuous and long-lasting fragrance to your bedroom, living room, etc.
D. Air freshener can, more than twenty different fragrance air fresheners to meet your fragrance needs.

4. How to use:

1. Place the dispenser in the location to be mounted, make a mark on the wall surface through the mounting holes.

2. Drill the holes at the marks.

3. Place the unit on the wall and affix the screws.

4. Ensure the dispenser is mounted securely on the wall.

5. Insert 2 pcs AA size batteries and the air freshener can.

6. Press the ON / OFF switch.

7. Set your preferred interval spray time and working mode.

8. Enjoy.

5. About us:

AOLQ is a manufacturer of sanitary products specializing in hygiene solutions. Nowadays, aerosol dispensers are our main products. In order to solve the odor problem in different occasions, we have produced and designed different styles of aerosols. The dispenser can solve a lot the problems in the field and provide users with a good living and working environment. At the same time, we can provide users with different fragrances of built-in air freshener. Different freshener have different functions, such as Lavender to help you sleep, orchids help release stress and more.

Our company

6. Our service:

1. We are a factory manufacturing, best production capability, best quality control, Best Service .
2.100% QC inspection before shippment.
3. we provide competitve price for user.

7. Delivery:

Packing details
Export standard package
By express, by air or by sea


8. FAQ:

Q: Where is the battery installed?
A: The battery is mounted at the very bottom of the dispenser.

Q: How many times can a bottle of built-in air freshener be sprayed?
A: About 3000 times.

Q: why does the aerosol cans not work?
A: You need to insert the spray can into the Groove. If you still have doubt on it, please send us an email and we will further assist you.